Low Noise Low Backlash High Precision

BAB Series High Precision Planetary Reducer

Product description

Precision planetary gear reducer is a new generation product independently developed by our company. It integrates advanced technology at home and abroad, and has the following main characteristics
1. Noise less than 65dB
2. The backlash can be within 3 arc minutes for a single stage, and within 5 arc minutes for a double stage
3. The single-stage efficiency is over 95%, and the double-stage efficiency is over 92%
4. High input speed: up to 8000rpm
5. High torque: higher than the torque of the general standard planetary reducer
6. High stability: using high-strength alloy steel, the whole gear is hardened, not only surface hardening, but also guarantees service life and long-term use, and still maintains the initial speed
7. The high reduction ratio adopts a modular design, the planetary gearboxes can be connected to each other, and the speed ratio can reach more than one-thousandth
Product use
Precision planetary gear reducers are widely used in the following fields
1 Aerospace and military industries.
2 Healthcare, Electronics Information Technology Industry
3 Industrial robots, production automation, and CNC machine tool manufacturing industries.
4 Industries as automobile manufacturing, textile, printing, food, metallurgy, environmental protection engineering, warehousing, and logistics

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