Gear Racks

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Product Advantage

·Unique and innovative effective meshing, always ensuring that more than two gear teeth are in contact with each other, ensuring zero backlash on both sides of the gear teeth, and ensuring positioning accuracy of ± 20 microns, the position of each gear tooth profile relative to the first gear tooth All have been accurately measured to ensure extremely high positioning accuracy and eliminate accumulated tooth pitch errors.


·High-speed operation capability、·Unlimited stroke length.
·The roller rack drive system can achieve high-speed transmission with a speed of up to 11 meters per second. It can achieve high positioning accuracy that can only be provided by linear motors. In addition, under high-speed motion, the ultra-low friction design does not generate heat or wear parts.


1. Good Tensile strength;
2. High impact and notching impact strength;
3. High heat deflection temperature ;
4. High strength and stiffness;
5. Good glide and limp home characters;
6. Good chemical stability against organic solvents and fuels;
7. Resistant to thermal aging (applicable temperature between -50°C and 110°C;
8. Size alternation by humidity absorption must be considered;


points racks rack spur and helical gear rack, respectively, with a spur gear and helical gears used in pairs; rack tooth profile is a straight line rather than involute (compared to the tooth surface in terms of plane) , equivalent to the pitch circle radius is infinite cylindrical system like industrial elevators, construction hoists, Trasport platforms, Material Hoists, Mast climbing work platforms which are wildely use in Chemical, Construction, Metal and steel.

Working Principles

(1) Since a straight rack tooth profile, the points on the tooth profile with the same pressure angle, and the tilt angle is equal to the tooth profile, the tooth angle is called angle, standard value 20 °.
(2) parallel to either the top of the teeth having a tooth pitch and the same straight line on the modulus.
(3) parallel to the tooth top line and the tooth space width equal to the thickness of the line is called the degree of the line (line), which is calculated baseline rack size.

Maintenance Skills

1.Replace the consumbles in time before completely damaged.
2.Avoid the collision of the Gear Rack
3.Keep the Gear Rack clean.

Structural Features
1.It is made of high quality forging brass.
2.The length up to constumer’s need.
3.It is used for CNC Cutting torch and cutting torch holder and so on.
4.More light and more firm.


Main Products

Timing belt pulleys, timing bars, timing belt clamping plates.
Shaft locking devices (assemblies) and shrink discs
V belt pulleys and taper lock bush.
Sprockets, idler, and plate wheels.
Gears and racks: spur gear, helical gear, bevel gear, pinion gear, worm gear, gear rack.
Shaft couplings: miniature coupling, curved tooth coupling, chain coupling, HRC coupling, normex coupling, FCL coupling, GE coupling, rigid and flexible coupling, jaw coupling, disc coupling, multi-beam coupling, universal joint, torque limiter, shaft collars.
Forging, Casting, Stamping Parts.
Other customized power transmission products and Machining Parts (OEM).

Packing and Shipping

All gears are packaged for safe shipping and convenient storage. Gears are carefully packaged using the most appropriate materials and method for the gear type.
All gears are packaged for safe shipping and convenient storage. Gears are carefully packaged using the most appropriate materials and method for the gear type.
We’d like to work with your forwarder to ship the products to you. We also work with experienced forwarders to shipping the products to client all over the world. If you don’t have any forwarder to do the shipping, please let us know the most convenient port for you, then we can arrange the shipment for you.



Learn More

1. The workers are trained to inspect the gears rack and notice any defect in production in time.
2. We will check 1pcs every 100pcs in CNC machining, and gears will meet all dimension tolerances.
3. Gears rack will be inspected at every step, and gears rack will be inspected before shipment, and all inspection records will be kept in our factory for three years.

1. Molds designs as per customers’ gears drawing;
2. Submitting molds drawings to customers to review and confirm before mols production.

Quality Control
4. Our sales will send you pictures at every gears rack production steps, and you will know the detailed production status, and you can notice any possibility of mistake, for our sales, We and workers are keeping close watch on all production.
5. You will feel us working very carefully to assure the quality and easy to work with,
6. we cherish every inquiry, every opportunity to make gears rack and parts and cherish every customer.

 3. Providing samples with whole dimensions and cosmetic inspection report, material certification to customers.
4. Providing inspection report of important dimensions and cosmetic in batches parts.


Our main products are gear rack, gear. leaf chains, hollow pin chains, double plus chains and agricultural chains.manufacturing equipment and complete inspection, advanced technology and excellent quality control and test system. We adopt CAD, CAM for design and manufacture of chains, Select excellent alloy steel, Used form of advanced heat treatment. We have obtained ISO90012000 and ISO90012008 certificate system quality assurance. We maintain a strong team here. 

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